Reflection #7


After discussing various active engagement and learning tools, I most definitely would be inclined to utilize them in my classroom for many reasons:

  • They require immediate application of knowledge in most cases
  • They provide immediate feedback for both the students and the teacher
  • They save the teacher time in regards to grading
  • They result in more engagement amongst the class
  • Different form of instruction that will most likely interest students
  • Can address individual misconceptions and difficulties (ex: branched drill and practice)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 6.59.47 PM.png

In an elementary classroom, I would be most inclined to implement educational games !

Relative Advantage:

Students are more motivated to participate because they view games as a separate category of learning. Most students rarely even pair the two things. In an elementary classroom many concepts need to explicitly taught, so games are very effective when reinforcing concepts. Games present a sense of competition, which everybody loves. They will also help students remember concepts better because the three stages of games involve (Can I try? Can I save it? Can I teach you?) by explaining or teaching somebody else, the student is most likely to remember the concepts.

Classroom Application:

After a lesson on phonemes, I could either assign a game called “The Problem With Chickens” on  Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.13.52 PM.png as homework or as a center activity.

This game reinforces certain phonemes and makes it fun for the students to practice them and apply their new knowledge of phonemes.




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