Assessment Plan


Kahoot is a colorful and engaging tool for younger students. It simply requires the selection of the correct answer, students will be able to identify the correct answer based on color and shape on their own devices.

Directions: Each student will be assigned a random nickname, it will be written on a piece of paper and given to them. Teacher will have a list of what nickname goes to each student (Ex: Jane is Penguin, Rob is Monkey). This way student responses are anonymous to them but the teacher can still assess answers. Game pin will be shown on projected screen, students will access the kahoot app or site on their own device (most likely on app on iPads). Before game begins teacher will say: “A question will appear on the screen, the answers will each have a color and shape paired with them, on your own device you will select the color and shape of the correct answer.” A practice question will appear, students will practice choosing the correct answer (dog).

Problem solved: In need of quick results. Teacher will get individual results immediately. Student answers are paired to their game pin so the teacher can see who requires more instruction.


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