Multimedia Presentation


Access presentation

Presentation notes:

What are these? (Referring to picture of coins on board)

They are all money, but are they worth the same? (No)

Each of these coins looks different and is worth something different, similar to our math blocks. A cube is worth 1, a rod is worth 10 and a flat is worth 100.

Have students come up and try to drag 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c to the correct coin by asking how much do we think a penny, nickel, dime and quarter is worth? Have a student come up and drag, use thumbs up/down to see if rest of class agrees. (This can be used as a pre-assessment to see if class knows what each is worth)

Once values are assigned to each coin, go over the size and head/tail by asking questions for each coin:

“When we flip a coin to make a decision, what side do we see when it lands on heads? (students can point to top or bottom on screen)”

“Who do we see on each head of the coin?”

“What do we see on each tail of the coin?” (students probably won’t know this, so telling them is okay)

Show video to wrap up ideas.

Question: Would it be more effective to show the video before going over the attributes of a coin, or after? I plan to also show it at the beginning of the second lesson as a review.


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