Reflection #6



How would you use an interactive whiteboard in your future classroom?

I would utilize an interactive whiteboard in my classroom frequently. From what we have covered in class, it appears that they can be used in for: review, lessons, assessment, and even fun.


  1. In my last tool evaluation I discussed a problem that an interactive white boarding software could easily solve. This was that students will miss lessons when they are absent, and the interactive white boarding software solves this issue. I would use this software and post my lessons for students to access outside of class.
  2. Considering my elementary concentration, I will likely be dealing with phonics instruction. In a video we watched, a kindergarten class was using the whiteboard to spell and sound out words. I would do this in my classroom by recording myself saying a word and then having students selecting the appropriate letters. I could do this using Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.30.08 PM.png.
  3. I would also use it for classroom duties. It would make taking attendance and getting lunch count much more efficient. I would have students either drag a copy of their picture or icon, or check their name off when they come in. They would also select their lunch choice. Students would like this because they get a chance to use the board as they enter the room as well.

What excites you most about what you have learned in this course?

The most interesting, and I believe one of the more effective, way to use technology is for assessment. The many quiz softwares like Kahoot and PearDeck seem incredibly useful. I also think they seem much more engaging than a normal quiz or presentation. I look forward to incorporating technology into my ways of assessment.


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