Reflection #3



The very first lesson that I taught was for Professor Howe’s science method course.


I taught this lesson on sound vibrations, I was not pleased with how I carried out my lesson. The students seemed bored and quite unengaged. I believe the inquiry part of my lesson was sufficient but I could have included a technology aspect in order to promote understanding and clarification of the big idea (sound is vibrations). The inquiry portion of my lesson consisted of students banging their pencils or rulers on the side of a makeshift drum. The drum had salt on top and when they hit the side, the salt jumped. I explained that this was caused by vibrations. 

Honestly, this concept can be quite boring and could be spiced up with a short animation in order to better summarize the big idea: sound vibrations!


This video is short and to the point, it is humorous and engaging. I believe that it encaptured everything that was in my lesson and is a small, but useful tool that could better my lesson. 


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